The free time projects I am involved in

Next to a full time job I am involved in some activities mostly related to teaching.
In my free time I am a volunteer teacher at some Weekendschools in The Netherlands:
IMC Weekendschool and Trudo Weekendschool


Let children of 12 years old on 3 Sundays of 2.5 hours each spark their interest in mathematics.

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Let children of 11 to 13 years old do 6 sets of physics experiments in 2.5 hours to let them wonder about physics.

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Making electro breadboards

One of the experiments in physics class was about electro breadboards. One child wanted to make this himself at home. When asked in class who else wanted this as well, almost the entire class said "yes". In this way a new lecture was born.
In 2.5 hours they make some electronic circuits and they like it very much.

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Teaching children computational thinking and programming in Scratch. 3x 2.5 hours. Programming is done with an off-line Raspberry Pi as computer and old monitors, mice and keyboards.

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Making tables at the right height to in the programming class teach children how to sit at a screen

For the programming class we have a room with tables which are too high. Instructing how to sit if they use screens is then not likely to have success if they cannot try it out. Hence tables were made hanging off laths that run over the table. The table extensions can be adjusted in height. And everything is made to be set up and torn down every day, because we are guests in the rooms we use and nothing can stay there. So logistics is very important.

Physical computing with Scratch using Raspberry Pi, scratchClient and Arduino

As part of the programming class, I wanted to do physical programming. I made a board that can be programmed from Scratch on a Raspberry Pi and can be used to program a reaction time game.

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ScratchClient Tutorials

For physical programming, I came across a program scratchClient that can make the link between Scratch and the GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi or a USB connected Arduino. I added tutorials and a simplified installation.

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micro:bits and servos

When controlling servos from a micro:bit, take care of voltage, power adapters and wire thickness.

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Scratch translations into Dutch

I coordinate the Dutch translation of Scratch and do part of the translation and review work. Translated Scratch cards are stored here until they appear on the official Scratch site.

The Dutch Scratch cards


If you have questions or would like to have material translated into English, get in touch by email.